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This is probably one of the best flash animations on newgrounds and the net. I *REALLY* enjoyed watching this. I also noticed that most of the music used in this flash was from FFV. Clearly it should be one of your fav FF's. Anyway, John, this is truly epic. Keep it up and I hope I'll see something like this in the future (not neccesarilly a sequel i mean). Cheers!

P.S.: I was quite surprised when I found you here. Looks like you're not only on Deviant Art!


You hit the spot. This is truly one of the best CSI: Miami parodies. Especially with the whole puns they add in the series.

Really nice.

Really nice review. Can't wait for more episodes to come out! Keep it up, Weebl.

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I noticed the thing that the portraits of the heroes are clearly just drawings drawn on World Of Warcraft characters. Cheap. The game itself isn't really good in my opinion. I'd like some more artistic effort in it.

Figaro Castle!

It's a nice tutorial flash for begginers, but I couldn't resist writing a review just to say that the third song (from the left) was the Figaro Castle tune from Final Fantasy VI! Oh God.

Top-Class Flash Game.

Absolutely amazing. The whole game runs really smoothly, it's fun to play and it's challenging too! I lol'd at the "Clean-Up Time". That was hilarious. We need more games like this.

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More like SKA.

I wouldn't call this punk. Like the title of the review says "more like SKA". And I don't like SKA. Apart from the taste thing, it's a well-done song. Although I liked the guitar at 02:20 to 02:50.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

This isn't ska...yeah there's a ska-ish break in the song but as a whole the song isn't ska. It has no brass instruments and doesn't have the offbeat ska guitar. I think it's closer to punk than any other genre. And what chart it's on doesn't matter that much, I mean it'd be one thing if I labeled it as 'trance' but its close enough to punk.

Catchy, Awesome, Epic.

I love these kind of songs/loops/melodies. The sax sounds really great, and it's really catchy! I'd love to see more of this kind of stuff! Keep it up.

* "Dances" by moving her arms up and down *

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Love the style and the smoothness of the lines! The Grim Reaper looks really kick-ass! 10/10


It looks great! Love the colours you used there, would love to see more of this kind of stuff (not just "blaster-master" stuff i mean). Keep it up!

Oh Dear.

You got the style --of the original DB artists-style-- well. Although the purple-haired girl looks way too similiar to Bulma (I know its the style, but still). Just saying. Keep it up.

kevinsano responds:

Thanks, but there's no "but still"

Lucca looks almost exactly like Bulma... and Crono like Tapion, and Ayla like Android 18, and Magus like Vegeta, and so on, and so on. I fact, any face I'd give her would make her look like another Toriyama character

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